Local Attractions

Here, you can explore and enjoy Southern Germany's many sights and attractions.

Wahlwies is the ideal starting point for uncountable activities, that make our area so perfect for vacationers:

There are of course the beautiful Lake Constance beaches, the closest beach in Bodman-Ludwigshafen (5 minutes by car from Wahlwies). Enjoy one of the many smaller natural lakes, go shopping, enjoy cultural highlights (the Zurich Opera for example), musical events, wellness moments, thermal baths - anything is possible here.

For our guests interested in history: Visit one of the many fortresses or castles of the area, the many museums, e.g. the archeological historical museum in Constance.

There are many high level restaurants and uncountable little, familiar restaurants or bars.

And of course this is the perfect point to go hiking or cycling - many bike roads lead through or around Wahlwies, so you can just hop on your bike right in front of our house and start on a day trip.

 Please don't hesitate to contact us - we are always happy to help with planning your trip.


Famous butterfly house on the island MAINAU (mediterranean climate) and on the right: Breathtaking opera festival on the lake in summer in Bregenz

Activities possible in our area:

  • swimming and diving
  • hiking
  • cycling
  • climbing (either in the Alps or in one of the climbing facilities close by - or in one of the High Rope Courses
  • sailing, surfing
  • going on a boat tour, canooing, kajaking
  • ice skating in winter or skiing or
  • bobsleighing


  • sauna
  • thermal baths
  • and many more. Ask us!


Sailing on the lake, even  in cooler weather an exciting and beautiful experience



1. Beautiful cities in the area








Insel Reichenau   





St. Gallen    

Stein am Rhein    


2. Excursions:

Affenberg Salem   


Bregenz Pfänderbahn     

Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins   

Insel Mainau    

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen   

Rheinfall bei Schaffhausen    

Boat-trips on the Lake Constance   


Sauschwänzlebahn Blumberg

3. Family Attractions:

Ravensburger Spieleland    

Bogenparcours Lellwangen   

Dornbirn: Inatura    

Überlingen: Haustierhof Reutemühle   

Sealife Konstanz    

Allensbach: Wild- und Freizeitpark

4. Culture and Museums:

Bregenzer Festspiele    

Geistliche Musik Birnau    

Hermann Hesse-Museum in Gaienhofen     

Hopfenmuseum Tettnang     

Kloster und Schloss Salem    

Kunsthaus Bregenz    

Kunstmuseum Thurgau    

Opernhaus Zürich    

Schloss Meersburg   

Sommertheater Schloss Girsberg   

Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen

5. Sports


Fernwege Bodensee   

Wandern und Radfahren am Bodensee   


Wandern auf dem Seegang: Überlingen - Konstanz